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A new investment LTD company founded out of Belgium. With deep insight into DRC Congo’s economy. DRC Congo Investment LTD is in the best position to accommodate your investment needs. DRC Congo Investment’s goals is to create strong ties globally within the European Union and the United States.

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Our user-focused approach keeps us on "our" toes at all times.

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Health, AI, fintech, Sales Automation, Blockchain, FMCG and rest…


Global brands. Different cultures, different tasks and timezones.

Partnering with companies at all stages of growth.


Just conceived an idea, or trying to bring your innovation to the market? We help you launch while creating memorable experience for your users.


Our user-focused approach keeps us on toes at all times. As you expand your horizon of services or optimize funnels, we work with you insuring you never hit the plateau.


You know the business problems, we help you just get a little closer to the solution. Together we envision the future, and incubate offerings that will capture new markets.

We are DCI.

Gerry Panzu

Gerry Panzu Konde

Founder, DCI

A visualizer and designer, simplifying complex product problems with intelligent and neat design. Working towards excelling at creating memorable design solutions. Creates touch point between brands and people they serve through his wisdom of user experience.